Friday, June 14, 2013

My sister was supposed to go to a dance tonight at Veterans Memorial Middle School  for all 8th graders.  The issue with this is she has Down Syndrome.  We asked for several weeks if there would be an escort there for her and could not get any answer from them.  We then asked if her brother could escort her to the dance and they agreed that he could escort her.  My sister has done nothing but talk about this dance for weeks.  Today they called us up and said my brother could not attend and that they would have someone there who is getting paid to escort her. This is the night of the dance and nothing was said up to this point. Another problem with this is that this escort will not show up until after the dance has started.  This is clearly a lack of not caring for our special needs children and Brick Township should be ashamed of themselves.  My sister will now be upset because she can not attend this 8th grade dance.  She had a new outfit that she was going to wear at the dance which is now useless.  I think this is just a travesty and shows the lack of care for our special needs children.